A deck just behind your dock can be a very relaxing place to spend your afternoons watching the family enjoy the lake. A deck can sometimes be constructed on a bank, top of the bank, or attached to your home or camp. Over the years we have built many award winning designs.

Permanent Docks

Our Permanent Dock structures are normally built upon concrete piers or pile driven pipe. The decision of which to use depends mostly on the condition of the lake bottom. More often that not, the condition dictates the use of the concrete piers due to the fact that there usually isn’t enough overburden (gravel) between the lake bottom and the hard shale or bed rock to support the pipe pilings. Because each site is unique in it’s self there are many different techniques of fastening the piers to the lake bottom.

Boat Houses

We can have a boat house designed for your specific needs. But first of all you need to check with your local Town Zoning Department to see if they will allow such a structure.
Some towns do and some towns don’t.

Stairways & Stair Towers

Depending on your location on the lake you may have just a short set of steps down into the water or you might require either a long set of stairs up the bank, or a stair tower that takes you up 35 feet or more. Which ever the case we can construct a safe way for you to access the lake even if it calls for pinning the structure to the stone cliff.

Sea Walls & Sheet Piling

Sea Walls and Retaining Walls are some of our specialties.  We have built these using wood, steel, masonry, stone, and or composite sheet piling. With the ability to move heavy rocks/materials around the lake we can offer these products in places that others just can’t.  Sure up your shoreline for years to come, or add a visual and functional retaining wall to your property.

Carpentry & Home Remodeling

We also specialize in custom home remodeling and indoor projects.  These projects take place in the typically slow season for us while the snow is falling and we are not on the lake.

Boat Recovery

Accidents can happen.  We have the capabilities to recover and deliver boats that have lost their buoyancy.


Can’t get what you need to your property for one reason or another?  We can get it there for you thanks to the Stella Marie!


There are many items that need to be addressed before any construction can begin.
These items may include a site inspection, survey work, checking on zoning stipulations, a site plan, and of course the building permits.