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Our work is second-to-none

Our large-capacity barges provide us with the ability to move large amounts of material, access areas without ruining your lawn or landscaping, and get the job done, not matter how large or small. View more details below and enjoy the pictures from our past projects.

Permanent Docks and Covered Boat Slips

We have been building docks for almost 20 years. Carpentry is in our blood. We have built docks and decks in every shape and size. Our permanent docks stand the test of time against the winters and ice of Skaneateles Lake. 

Stairs and Stair Towers

Every property on Skaneateles Lake does not have a flat, walk-in waterfront. That is where we come in. We build stairs and stair towers that make the most in-accessible waterfront easily accessible.

Sea walls and sheet piling

We can make your waterfront beautiful and functional, providing ever-lasting sea walls that have structural integrity and beautiful aesthetics.

but wait, there's more!

Tree Removal

If a tree falls near the lake does it make a sound? Our barge’s boom-crane makes it possible for us to get to places others cannot. We can remove and cleanup trees with ease.

Demolition and Haul-Away

Truth be told, somethings just don’t last forever. We can remove that old eye-sore liability and haul it away for you, and dispose of it accordingly.

Boat Recovery

-‘Did you put the plug in?’

-‘I thought you said you were going to put the plug in…’

Oops. We can recover your sunken assets and get you back afloat.